Math Sciences is Everywhere and Used For Everyone

The idea of “learning math” often conjures the image of a student hunched over his desk, solving problems using a set formula he copied down from his teacher. Math, we tend to think, is a strict set of algorithms, practices, and rules — all emanating from inside the classroom. New resources from the Harvard Family Research Project(HFRP), though, paint a different picture entirely — elevating the role of the family as a source of math knowledge.

In its latest initiative, HFRP is focusing on the idea that children’s knowledge of math is “broad and deep,” developing anywhere, anytime, and even starting at birth. Families are instrumental to their children’s success in mathematics, as they can help children recognize and use mathematical thinking in everyday activities.

But today’s math assignments can be confounding for parents who learned math in a pre-Common Core era, or in a different country — or who still harbor math anxiety from their own days at school, or never fully learned to connect the dots between everyday actions and math lessons. To ensure students are ready to thrive, educators have to partner with parents, acknowledging how diverse families already use math

Benefits Of Educational Technology

Today, everything that we come across has some technological connotation to it. Be it at home, school or workplace, technology has found a comfortable niche and has become an integral part of life. With the use of technology, several arenas are seeing changes and education is also one of them. The birth of educational technology has proved to be a boon to students the world over. Not only in the regular setting, but also in educating students with special needs have known to be benefited with the introduction of this modern invention. Let us now discuss the uses and benefits of educational technology in this modern-day setting.What is Educational Technology?
The term ‘educational technology’ has a broad perspective and is also referred to as instructional technology or learning technology. This method plays a vital role in enhancing the learning process of students and also assists teachers in communicating with the students in an easy way. Educational technology can be a classroom affair, or can be even taken out of the classroom. This technology has successfully transformed the stereotypical image of classrooms into a modern and more interesting one. Thanks to this

Games Educational for Students

Educational games have always been important additions to the classroom. From games that aid in spelling and vocabulary, such as Hangman and Scrabble to games that help students learn how to think critically, like Brain Teasers to some games that help improve memory like those in which you flip cards over and try to remember where the matching card was placed, games have been an integral part of every child’s educational experience. As a teacher, it is important to play games with your students to spark their interest for learning and allow your students to have a little fun in the midst of classroom work. Some might say this is not a beneficial practice to engage in with your students, but if the games you play are educational and fun, everyone benefits. These games can also be used as rewards and positive reinforcement for good behavior and good work in class.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an awesome card game produced by Mattel. This game is deceptively simple and really fun to play with groups of people, whether in class or at a party. With

Do You Want to Help Save the World through Recent Energy Studies

Human demand for once-abundance natural resources now exceeds what the earth can renew by more than 60 percent, according to the Global Footprint Network. One of the biggest challenges facing humankind moving forward? Energy. And while one approach involves continued reliance on harmful fossil fuels until they run out completely, another has a very different and sustainable strategy at its core: switching the focus to renewable energy resources. Here’s a closer look at this innovative solution, along with how you can become involved in the vital effort to power the planet while simultaneously protecting it.

Why Renewable Energies are the Future

The U.S. Energy Administration recently forecast renewable energies to be the fastest-growing power source through the year 2040. Which begs the question: What makes “renewable energies” such an important area?  While the world has long relied on fossil fuels, including coal, oil and natural gas, for energy, these are nonrenewable — meaning they draw on finite resources which are not only dwindling, but also increasingly expensive and environmentally destructive.

Conversely, renewable energies — the most prominent being solar, wind and hydropower, but also including biomass, geothermal, ocean and others — can be perpetually created or recreated.

Ways to Improve Writing Ability in Graduate School

If you’ve already been accepted to graduate school, we’ve got good news for you: your writing skills were strong enough to get your application past the admissions committee. But this doesn’t mean you can just kick back and coast on what worked during your undergraduate studies. Not only will more be expected of you during your pursuit of an advanced degree, but there’s also likely to be a thesis in your future. The takeaway? The time is now to sharpen up your writing skills. Let’s count down six tips aimed at ensuring that your writing is on point in graduate school.

   Convey Your Expertise
Graduate students are training to be experts in their field. This expertise should be exemplified by your writing. Your language should be direct, confident and authoritative in order to foster a sense of trust with your readers.

Other ways to assemble a cogent argument? Avoid first person tense whenever possible; employ transition words and phrases; and pay attention to sentence structure. Two true hallmarks of graduate level writing? Clarity and control.

   Make Writing Routine
We’ve all heard the expression “practice makes perfect.” This is no more true than when

Reasons For Learning in Cuba

Last spring, President Barack Obama became the first US president to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years, at which time he called on Congress to lift the long-standing trade embargo. This continued a promising trend of improved relations between the two countries, including the reopening of embassies and the loosening of longtime travel restrictions.  The takeaway for many mobile-minded students? There’s never been a more exhilarating time to visit this intriguing Caribbean hot spot. Let’s count down six reasons why the island of Cuba claims a spot on our shortlist of desirable international study destinations.

1. Education is a Priority Here…As Evidenced by its Excellent Universities

Cuba’s 60 public universities have grown in repute over the past several decades thanks to a strong commitment to education shared by the government and its people. Five of its universities earned places in QS University’s 2016 ranking of the top universities in Latin America, which considers factors including academic reputation; employer reputation; faculty/student ratio; citations per paper; international research network; proportion of staff with PhDs; and web impact when determining standings.

And while Cuba’s universities offer a breadth and depth of subjects to choose from, its programs in medicine

How Big Data Influence To Change Higher Education

Six years ago, the UN General Assembly designated October 20th as “World Statistics Day.”  As the science of learning from data, statistics plays an important role in how we wrangle massive quantities of information into meaningful insights — both within the world at large, and within microcosms of that world, including the higher education sphere. As big data gets, well, bigger, its impact on higher education is expected to continue to grow. Wondering how that will play out in higher education? Let’s take a closer look.

Leveraging Data into Smarter Admissions

While some colleges are small enough to have human eyes looking over each and every application, others have historically been at the mercy of factors like grades and standardized test scores. But were these elements an accurate reflection of student success in college? Not necessarily, according to industry insiders.

This is why many colleges and universities are using new types of data collection when trying to determine which students will ultimately succeed and graduate. One, in particular, which might come as a surprise? Social media. According to one report from PBS NewsHour, some colleges are turning to social media data as an indicator of whether students were likely to

How the School Responds to Threats

Amid a wave of bomb threats directed at schools, with nerves frayed by fears of mass shootings and terrorism in San Bernardino, Paris, and Beirut, superintendents have been on the hot seat. When Los Angeles and New York City received similar emailed threats but made opposing decisions — LA choosing to close its system for a day, New York remaining open, calling the threats a hoax — it cast a spotlight on how school leaders make decisions, and whether there’s a right way or a wrong way to proceed in times of uncertainty.

Usable Knowledge asked HGSE Professor Andrés Alonso, former superintendent of the Baltimore City Public Schools, to talk about how things look from the inside.

As a superintendent, how do you make the decision to close schools or districts — or open them — in response to a threat?

First of all, a superintendent isn’t making a decision like this on his or her own, especially in large cities, where the school system is embedded in many other systems that are servicing kids and families. You make decisions about closing schools, in normal circumstances, with city hall, with the police and transportation department — as part

Choosing The Right Student Loan

One of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make?  College.  One of the biggest financial risks you’ll ever take?  College debt. Make sure you find the right student loan that works for you.  Why?  Graduating from college with large amounts of debt doesn’t set you up for financial success—it sets you up for more debt.  Manage your loans the right way by making sound decisions.  Consider these four strategies as you pick the right student loan—and a manageable debt load.

1. Federal v. Private

First thing you need to do is decide whether you want federal loans, private loans, or a combination of both.

If you’re an undergraduate borrowing on your own, go for a federal loan.  Federal loans are generally safer than private loans—they’re less expensive and they have flexible repayment options.  You can also avoid defaulting on them, which will protect your credit score.

How do they work?  Put simply, the federal government pays the interest on federal subsidized loans, like the Stafford and Perkins loans.  The government may also pay the interest during certain periods of deferment. And, depending on your loan and career choice, you may qualify for a loan forgiveness

Breathing Exercises To Develop A Wonderful Singing Voice

To develop a wonderful singing voice, in addition to taking up professional voice classes San Jose, proper breath control is also required. Make sure you relax as singing is meant to be pleasurable, don’t be hard on yourself. Here are 5 breathing exercises that will help in developing a great singing voice.

Catch your breath

Pause your breathing at the end of each note you sing. Inhale only if required. You are probably wasting valuable air so as to sustain the notes follow if you continue breathing, particularly outward. This is mainly indispensable when the song has a faster tempo.

Exhale slowly

Fill your lungs with a full breath of air, hold, and lightly release, pushing your abdominals downwards. Simply act like if you are blowing a bubble and assume that blowing too hard will pop it. However, just the right amount will move it ever so gently.

Work on the ABS

As you breathe, see your stomach muscles move. Try lying with your back on the floor. Set something flat or a book on your tummy. Take deep breaths in and out. Focus on having the book move up and down with your breathing. This will certainly help you learn to control the diaphragm.

Quick inhalations


Best Method of Studying for Professional Certification Exams

Are you facing the challenge of having to pass a certification or IT exam in the coming weeks? Depending on the type of work you do within the healthcare industry, you may find that taking the CPHQ test will put you in a good position to get a better job posting. And when it comes to the IT sector, being able to show that you passed the CISM test will put you in an excellent position to get better pay or a promotion. These exams are the key to progressing in your profession.

Passing the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager Exam (CISM) would enhance your credibility by validating your skills and put you in a prime position to take on greater corporate IT management responsibilities. Similarly, within the healthcare industry, passing the NAHQ Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality Examination Exam (CPHQ) would certify your competence and dedication to the highest level of patient care and open career advancement doors.

But the challenge that faces most working professionals looking to advance their careers is how they can study for the exam. There are several job-specific questions that come up on these types of exams, and most employees do not have an endless amount of time to study. They are

How To Play Drums With Weak Hands That You Have

If you’re like most drummers, you have one hand that doesn’t always like to cooperate. And for some, the frustration that ensues makes it much easier to just ignore the issue and favor the dominant hand. Eventually, while the stronger hand gets better control and technique, the weaker hand just gets weaker and weaker. To make you a much more efficient drummer, professional drum lessons in San Jose will get you acquainted with an array of tips to build strength in your weaker hand.

Switch it up

Try using your non-dominant hand for day by day activities such as brushing your teeth and opening doors. Even though it might seem to be silly, however, training the weaker hand is simply a part of the process. The more you use it, the more efficiently you can train it.

Practice rudiments that utilize the non-dominant hand

Practicing certain rudiments can definitely help with your stick control, leading to augmented pace and enhanced agility. Professional drum lessons San Jose will teach you exercises that stress the non-dominant hand to enhance your speed up until you can play evenly and smoothly.

Set your metronome to a slow setting, and

Let’s Improve Your Writing Skills Now

How would you feel if you are able to write the same amount you use to write in just half the time? Well, the answer would be of course “great.”

It is always great to have an amazing writing speed as it will help you in getting your writing taskdone in much less time than ever before. Moreover, you will be able to complete your work within the given time limit.

Let us look at some tips that help in increasing the writing speed:

  • Outline- Before you start writing any article; just create an outline with regard to the same. This will work wonders and you may notice the difference as you start following this simple rule to outline before you start writing.
  • Eliminate all the distractions- Whenever you are about to start writing, just eliminate all the factors that cause distraction. Get yourself away from twitter, face book, e-mail and all other stuff that causes distraction. Getting away from all the distractions will help you in paying complete attention towards your writing task. This will result in efficient writing.
  • Brain storm- Whenever you start writing, brain storm all the ideas that pop up in your mind. Just

Importance Of Book Reading

Rightly said by John Piper, “Books do not change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences.” Books are a great fiend one can have anytime he/she needs. These act as a source of entertainment, knowledge and even stress buster at times. When one start reading, he/ she not only get to attain knowledge but his/ her horizon gets widened. It is not just a task to acquire knowledge, in fact, it serve as an essential ingredient for those who love to write. As reading broadens the scope of knowledge it also helps in enhancing the quality of thinking and changes the way one look at life.

Books even add value to the civilization and helps in maintenance of balance and harmony. It is very important for each one of us to read books as these serve as keys to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self. In addition to this, book reading is very important in the life of a student. It not only helps them in increasing their knowledge but also add value to their writing skills. It has been clearly seen that students who read are able to write well. They are able to draw attention of people towards

What Foreign Languages ​​You Should Learn When You Will Learn

By now most of us are aware of the many advantages of learning another language. Multilingualism comes with a host of benefits, including everything from increased employment opportunities to opening your mind to different worldviews. In fact, many graduates cite foreign language studies as among the most important coursework they took in college.

The evidence makes it clear: Learning a second language is well worth your time. Not so clear for many students? Which language to learn. While English is undeniably valuable, it’s far from the only appealing option. Here’s a closer look at five other languages which may offer a leading edge depending on your unique interests and goals.

1. The goal: You want to do business throughout the world.

    The language: Mandarin

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg garnered major attention when he revealed that he was learning Mandarin. While it’s hardly surprising given that his wife is Chinese, the reality is that the China is a great economic power, and the Chinese market is full of opportunities.

While many Chinese business people are accustomed to the Western way of doing business, most of their foreign partners are woefully inept. The takeaway? Those

6 Reasons to Study In Portugal

Welcome to Portugal—temperate climate, delicious cuisine, fine wines, stunning scenery and yes—excellent universities.  Home to just over 10.3 million people on the Iberian Peninsula, this small nation boasts nearly instant access to beaches, cities, and everything in between.

Situated in southern Europe on the Atlantic Ocean, bordering Spain, Portugal’s culture stems from the ocean.  With salt cod and grilled sardines as national dishes, the country boasts a rich culture.  While many tourists flock to Algarve’s beaches, there are several smaller student-friendly towns—inland and coastal.  Its architecture?  Stunning.  Most of it dates to the 15th and 16th centuries when Portugal was at the height of its maritime empire.

Let’s take a look at 6 reasons you should study in Portugal.

1. Cost of Living

Compared to the rest of Western Europe, Portugal is affordable.  For under $1000, you can manage fairly well in smaller student cities.  Tuition and fees are also reasonably priced, especially for English-taught degrees.  Room sharing is also common practice at many universities, so it’s possible to make your study abroad experience in Portugal even more affordable.  Another nice feature?  Student rates.  Students can save up to 50 percent off the costs of

Books to Read Before You Study in Finland

Earlier this year we detailed seven can’t-miss Finnish movies in honor of the country’s centennial celebration. Next up as we draw closer to the 100th anniversary of Finland becoming an independent state on December 6, 1917? A round-up of five must-reads books.

   Purge by Sofi Oksanen

When it comes to top honors, this book by Finnish-Estonian writer Sofi Oksanen pretty much took them all. Not only was it the first-ever novel to win both the Finlandia and the Runeberg prizes, but it also claimed the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

What makes this one so remarkable? For starters, Oksanen’s unique background (childhood in central Finland with summers in Estonia) uniquely qualifies her to write about “the real Soviet Estonia,” AKA “what Westerners weren’t supposed to see.” Specifically, this original novel spans 60 years while telling the story of two women from different generations both of whom suffer extreme violence while trying to survive in harsh conditions.

Says The Guardian of The Purge (the title, a reference to the deportation of Estonians to the gulags during the German occupation in World War II), “The purge is pivotal for the family at the centre of her story, but

Is learning CorelDraw in a classroom better than learning it online

Today, e-learning or online learning has come a long way and has gone from a niche type of teaching for technical subjects to being the most sought after, growing and nearly essential way to teach everything. Technology is expanding at a greater speed and people’s requirement and desire to learn on their own time and pace is making eLearning the aim for several businesses. Designing an eLearning course to be precisely like a conventional instructor led course is pretty much a certain way of creating a virtually unusable course that’s quite frustrating for students and teachers alike. Though eLearning shares several features with classroom training, as it has some unique characteristics.

Traditional Learning

Learning CorelDraw the traditional way requires you to attend classes in person and on campus. It makes sense to attend classes in person if you decide to live in dorms or want to get the real college experience. Moreover, you might require assistance from guidance counsellors and professors, which is more readily available on campus. Traditional classes might be a better option for students who aren’t very tech savvy or like interacting with teachers and professors face to face.

Online Learning

Online or eLearning comprises of classes that are conducted through the

Tips to Study Less And Learn More

   Study in 25-30 minute sessions

For the academic, there is nothing less effective than studying in “marathons” for long hours without pause. This statement is based, in addition to his personal experience and that of his colleagues, in a study of the University of Michigan that determined the period of optimum concentration of students . After half an hour of reading, the researchers found that the students were beginning to distract themselves and their understanding of the text began to resent.

Taking a small break of five minutes every half hour serves to “charge the batteries” after an effective study block. Lobdell recommends doing a rewardingactivity  during this break: “talking to your family, calling a friend or listening to music” are some examples.

    Create a space for study only

Very few people are lucky enough to have a room exclusively dedicated to reading. In contrast, most study in their room, in the living room or at the kitchen table. However, being close to the bed or recreation spaces can dramatically increase the chances of distracting you.

Lobdell recommends that you study at a desk specially designed for study , in which you can not have visual contact with any of these objects. Once your half-hour of study is over, you should leave that desk, and only come back when

Tips to Control Your Anger

Got stuck in traffic? Didn’t get the expected results?

Does your blood pressure shoot up when things do not go the way they are meant to happen or things do not work out as per your expectation. Yes, this does happen to each one of us. And this is what we call “Anger.” It is really important to deal with anger in a calm and positive way. An uncontrolled anger may affect your health and relationships in a very harmful manner.

Given below are some tips to control anger-


Physical activities help in reducing stress to a great level. It also helps in calming the state of anger. Thus, whenever you feel angry just go for a walk, run or get involved into any other physical activity that you like. It will help you to control your anger. With a routine of daily exercise besides controlling your anger, you will be able to live a healthy life.


When in a state of anger, you may come out with anything that you might later regret. It is very important to use the words wisely because